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Memoirs of Fostering, Adoption and Safe Surrender

Fostering, adoption and safe surrender. These are words that have radically changed our family. About 2 years ago my sister, Krysten, and her husband, Kurt, began the process of fostering to adopt. Little did we know at the time the journey that God would take not only them through, but our entire family.

November is Adoption Awareness month and as God would have it, this is also the month that the adoption was finalized on their last baby, my precious niece! I am so honored that Krysten and Kurt have chosen to let me retell the story of their journey from fostering to adoption. Over the next 3 weeks I will be recounting their experience and showcasing the mighty hand of God that we have seen at work in the making of their family. Of course, some of the names and details will be changed in order to protect identities where needed.

Our desire is to put the goodness of God on display as we have seen his sovereignty, faithfulness and loving kindness so evidently displayed in the lives of these children and this process. We also desire to bring awareness not only to adoption but specifically to the Foster-to-Adopt and Safe Surrender programs that are available in the United States of America.

Check back next week at this same time as we begin to recount the incredible journeys of 3 beautiful children and the way God has worked in each one of their lives. We hope their stories will give you a heart for adoption and elevate your view of how intricately and beautifully God is at work in all of our lives.

“Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain…” Psalm 127:1

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